Everything started in 2011, when I was asked to restore some tracks by Sick Rose for Onde Italiane.

Back then, I had fewer skills and limited technical equipment but everything went well and the record sounds great.

With Onde Italiane I also worked on the following releases: Dark Tales, Politburo, Synthetic Sun, Chromagain, Truzzi Broders and Sick Rose,  again!

With the time, I also started to collaborate with other Italian labels such as Synthetic Shadows (Prostitutes and Intolerance), Spittle Records (on almost all the 391 regional compilations, The Danse Society, Eazycon, etc), Again Records (Officine Schwartz, F.A.R.), AnnapurnA (Die Sonne Satans), Cabiria Records (Andy Warhol’ Banana Technicolor and U-Boot 319 ), Tribe Tapes (Die Sonne Satans, Gerstein) and I worked also on the whole The Danse Society discography and artists like Aidan Casserly, Empire State Human, Das Muster, The Talken, Solanaceae Tau, A New Life, The Pale Dawn, The 99th Floor, Braconidae and more.

…and everyone loved also our affordable prices